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Love The One You've Got

When you have a glass of water, if you keep emptying it out without replenishing the supply, you end up with an empty glass. If you leave the water without replenishing the supply, it will stagnate.

The same principles apply to your body and health. If you take your body for granted, push it to its limits without replenishing it with healthy food, rest, recreation and exercise, you risk your health and well-being. Similarly, when you criticize your body for not being the ideal shape, size, or fitness level, you are coming from judgement instead of love.

Your body is the only one you have and it has amazing capabilities. It is the vehicle that allows you to travel through life. Love your body, treat it with respect and show it gratitude. It will love you back.

Affirmation: I lovingly care for my body.

"All true healing takes place from within. Know your body, listen to your body, love your body, nourish your body - and your body will heal itself."
~ Dr. Edward Group III

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